A special report about the tournament will be released On the ‘Match! Country’ TV channel

In Krasnoyarsk, the XXXI international free-style wrestling tournament of the Grand Prix series "Ivan Yarygin" has almost finished. The journalists of the Match TV federal channel work at the competitions so that the viewers can follow the most vivid fights of wrestlers live.

The correspondent, Dmitry Zanin, is preparing a special report on the Yarygin tournament, which will be aired on the “Match! Country” on January 30th.

– It will not be just a chronological report, – says Dmitry Zanin. – In our film, we want to show Russian wrestlers not just as athletes who get medals for Russia and perform at the Olympics every four years and people know that these are absolute champions who will now go and definitely win. In addition, our wrestlers are also wonderful, interesting people to whom one can talk not only about wrestling, but also about how they spend their free time, how they communicate with each other, how they feel about each other.

One of the main figures of the film is the bronze medalist of the World Cup, the winner of the Yarygin tournament-2020, Olga Khoroshavtseva.

– Olga told us that now the entire main women's team is at a training camp in Rome, and she particularly asked to go to the Yarygin tournament, because it is a strong competition and that’s where her native audience is. She told us that she spent time between the finals at home with her family, walked her dog, hugged it in its sleep. And then she went on the carpet and won. Isn’t it great!

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