Winners and prize-holders speak

Lasey Anthony (USA), 50 kg, 3rd place:

– This is my fifth Yarygin tournament. I really like these competitions because I see how people in Russia care for wrestling, how they love our sport here. At the tournament, I would rate my performance at 7 out of 10: there were mistakes, but I made my conclusions and now I’m going to work on them. The hardest fight was the one with Nadezhda Sokolova. She moves well, she is well prepared. This was my first fight with my rival in the final, Angelica Fedorova. We participated at the same tournaments, but we have never met on the carpet.

Ekaterina Isakova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory), 55 kg, 3rd place:

– This is the first time at the Yarygin tournament and in general it is the first time in my career I perform at such serious international competition. I am so glad that I managed to win the bronze. Very happy. This is an incredible feeling!

Olga Khoroshavtseva (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory), 55 kg, 1st place:

– It is a great honor for me to win at home and to be an example to motivate the younger generation to come to the women's wrestling. It is very nice when the fans support you, especially at home, where everyone knows who you are. This is twice more motivating to win. I knew that in no case I could afford to lose! This is my second victory at the Yarygin tournament, the first time I won was in 2015. The fight was with an athlete from Japan as well. The hardest fight for me was the final one, since I felt a great responsibility. I know that one shouldn’t be afraid of any rivals and has to go out on the carpet and fight. Always step first and show your wrestling. Then everything will turn out well!

Shovovdor Baatarzhav (Mongolia), 59 kg, 1st place:

– I'm very happy. This is the second time I'm winning this tournament. Each opponent was strong. These competitions are very important as a part of preparation for the Olympic Games.

Julia Prontsevich (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory), 65 kg, 3rd place:

– I perform at this tournament every year, and it is always a great honor for me. This is my second performance after the injury, I had a difficult knee surgery and a very long recovery. In the bronze match, it was hard to fight with the rival that I knew, we train with her at the same gym and often see each other. This girl is very good, young, promising, each time she progresses, grows. I am very pleased to fight with her, because sooner or later my career will be over and I understand that there will be a good replacement.

Maria Kuznetsova (Russia), 65 kg, 1st place:

– There was nothing complicated at the tournament, I’ve gone through a good training, worked for 1.5 months. Japanese women always seemed strong: I fought them five times already, once lost my own folly, won four times, and I can say that I'm not afraid of them. I try to win aiming for Tokyo into the 62 kg weight category. Mistakes cannot be made.

Kezhik Chymba (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory), 61 kg, 3rd place:

– In the final battle, I almost lost, hurried. The score was 8: 0, and I thought I could finish the fight ahead of schedule, but I almost lost. In general, all rivals were good, but I was stronger. Closest plans - preparation for the championship of Russia. When I was a kid, I really loved coming to the Yarygin tournament and watching the elders fight. I dreamed that I would also wrestle here someday. Now I really want gold, I'll be back for it next time!

Azamat Tuskayev (Russia), 57 kg, 1st place:

– On my way to Krasnoyarsk, all I could think about was gold. All fights were hard, and the final one was the most difficult. Yes, the score was very large, but the fight was the hardest. In the beginning, I managed to make a gap of 6 points. And then I just acted according to the score. It was the final bout, I did not want to take risks, I could make it bigger, longer, but I did not. I would like to dedicate the victory to my grandmothers - on my mother’s and father’s sides. They always follow my fights, call me and they know all of it. The fact that this year is Olympic is very encouraging. I would like to make it to the Olympics, so I will fight for this chance.

Israil Kasumov (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory), 70 kg, 1st place:

– To be honest, there is no difference for me who is in front of me: the champion or an ordinary athlete. We must fight with everyone the same way. As my coach taught me: fight till the end. Do not give up, fight. Before the final, I set my mind - and I fought from the beginning to the end. Thanks to the fans for their support - this is a great emotional uplift.

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