Opinions about the tournament of the honored guests and athletes

Nazir Mankiev, the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling:

– The most important thing is that the tournament has returned home - in the Sports palace of a name of Ivan Yarygin. It looks great now, and its dimension is impressive: the capacity of the tribunes has been increased and I think they are going to be full with wrestling fans during the tournament. For me and for all the Krasnoyarsk citizens, for all the fans of wrestling - this is the greatest and the most anticipated tournament. We always look forward to it, athletes and honored guests travel here from all over the world. We communicate and rejoice in meeting. I can say that the tournament is a family event. The competition has just started, but those bouts I have already seen were very powerful. I think, we are going to see many more of spectacular bouts. 

Arsen Fadzaev, twofold Olympic champion, sixfold World champion in wrestling, fourfold Europe champion, Fourfold champion oа USSR:

– I have seen many competitions of diferrent levels and I can say with confidence that the organizators used a nonstandard approach: they have put their souls into it to make sure the audience enjoys watching the competition. On the mats of the Yarygin's tourament – real stars, champions of the Olympics, World and Europe, that is why we watch such bright and strong wrestling. 

Alena Kartashova, silver prize holder of the Olympics, World champion, head coach of Russian team:

– I congratulate the krasnoyarsk citizens on that beautiful sport palace! It is light-filled and nice. All the sport factors have been colculated - starting with nonslip tiles and the lights. Everything that is nesessary for sports events has been done on the highest level. In my opinion, this is the best torurnament of the world by organization! I am sure that in the end of Yarygin's tournament, everybody's going to leave happy, satisfied and having good impressions. As for the sports program, all bouts are interesting, there are no easy fights. I get more and more joy from every bout. I do not have favorites: I always cheer for Russia. Each athlete deserves attention and respect.

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