Winners and prize holders speak

Tamyra Mensah (USA), 1 place, 72 kg:

  • I have changed the weight category. The tournament was hard, but it is necessary to believe in yourself. Today I succeded! I like Yarygin’s tournament and I would like to come in Krasnoyarsk again, but it depends on my coach.

Vasilisa Marzaluk (Belarus), 2 place, 76 kg:

  • I am proud to stand on the pedestal of Yarygin’s tournament. It is always hard to fight here, because the competitors form Krasnoyarsk are very strong. There is an omen I believe in, the way the year starts, same way it goes. I have already met my competitor from Japan: the first time I won, the second time she did. So, our score now is 2:1 for her. As for my plans, there are going to be the European games in Minsk this year and I have to perform there well. So, now I am prepearing to meet European competitors.

Zaurbek Sidakov (Russia), 1 place, 74 kg:

  • It is my tradition to start a year with Yarygin’s tournament. I am very satisfied with my performance. The final bout went not exactly according to the plan, I made a mistake and nearly ruined my own mood and the mood of spectators. It was hard, but I made it! I am going to work on my mistakes.

Dauren Kurugliev (Russia), 1 place, 86 kg:

  • The luck was on my side today! It makes it hard when finals are held on the next day, we have to hold our weight. But the result was good. 

Shamil Musaev (Russia), 1 place, 97 kg:

  • I used to think that I couldn’t win at Yarygin’s tournament, but I did this time! I thank my coaches that have been training me, my family and friends, who supported me. I was a little tired in the last bout. But I knew that if he was going to be as well passive, I would be even more tired, so I started working.
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