Winners and prize holders speak

The XXX International tournament of free-style wrestling Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yarygin” in Krasnoyarsk continues. The winners and prize holders among women in categories of 53, 57, 62, 68 kg and among men – 65, 79, 125 kg were announced. The wrestlers shared their impressions.

Sarah Hildebrandt (USA), 53 kg, 1 place:

- My aim was to win, because two years ago at Yarygin’s tournament I was the second, so this time I wanted gold. I was well prepared! In final bout it was hard for me to stay calm and concentrate. 

Olga Horoshavtseva (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region), 57 kg, 2 place:

- We should train more with the athletes from Mongolia, China and Japan, so we could get closer to their level, they are faster. Maybe that is why I lost in the final. I lost the concentration and I didn’t believe in myself. My father came to the competition today, and I promised him to win, but I couldn’t. I am going to work harder and try winning gold at the next Yarygin’s tournament. 

Akhmed Chacaev (Russia), 65 kg, 1 place:

– I shouldn’t have gotten so relaxed in the end of the bout, that was my mistake. I could be punished for that, but I was sure that the time was over and I won. Referees watched the video few times and they decided in favor of me. Time was over. The luck was on my side: I was destined to win this tournament. I’ll try not to repeat my mistake in future. I have always had principal bouts with Nachyn Kuular, because he is a good wrestler. The competition inside of the Russian team is strong. You have to set yourself for each competitor.

Nachyn Kuular (Russia), 65 kg, 2 place: 

– Today I lost to more experienced athlete. I can do nothing about it but to train more. Idont regret, because it already happened – I just have to make my conclusions. I deliberately lost some time in the middle of the bout, I thought I would retrieve my losses in the end. But I was short of a split second! The rest went according to the plan…

Khanum Velieva (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region), 68 kg, 3 place:

- I am not that upset with not getting to the finals, but with loosing in the selective bout. Made some technical mistakes. As for the competition in my weight, I was expecting the bout with Cuban, who I have been fighting with many times, the Mongolian athlete I fought with last time hasn’t come this year, Americans now fighting in the category of 72 kg.

Akhmed Gazimagomedov (Russia), 79 kg, 1 place: 

- It is my fourth time at the Yarygin’s tournament. One of the most important for our country. I know my competitor in finals very well, we trained together. Every time we compete each other to win. Yesterday, after my first bout, to be honest, I wanted to pull out from the tournament – I was so nervous that my blood pressure went up, my legs started hurting. Coaches told me: Set up your mind, you can get to the finals. They cheered me up. I am very grateful to them!

Anzor Hizriev (Russia), 125 kg, 1 place:

-  I am happy, I won over such a titled wrestler. I think, he will make his conclusions and will get even stronger for the World championship. I realized I was winning when the score was 5:3 and he started to breathe heavily. I realized, he would try to do something. I met him for the first time, so he didn’t know how I wrestle. But I had analyzed his bouts in the Olympics, and it helped a lot.

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