The winners and medalists of the third day say

On the official website of the Yarygin tournament-2017( you can find the videos of all final fights of the third day. And now the winners and medalists are sharing their feelings. 

Izrail Kasumov (RUS, Krasnoyarsk region), 1st place, 70 kg: 

- It wasn’t that easy to win this year. But being in my home town helped me to get this medal. I think, that the experience has played the crucial part. The luck was on my side today. All the fights were hard, there were different difficulties with every opponent. There was a tense moment in the final, when my moves were not appreciated, but I thought that I should keep on fighting anyway, till the end, and come what may. There were no thoughts of giving up to the opponent! 

Kyle Snayder (USA), 1st place, 97 kg: 

- The tournament was hard for me, starting with changing the time zone. But I came to the tournament being in good shape and it worked out! So, I’m glad. I would be happy to have a chance to wrestle with Ivan Yarigin, because he was one of the best athletes in the world. 

Yuriy Belonovskiy (RUS, Krasnoyarsk region), 3rd place, 97 kg: 

- Any medal is a medal, but I wish I performed better, because the tournament is held in my hometown. I wanted to make my fans and relatives happy, but so it happened, fortunately or unfortunately, I’m the third. I know my mistakes and what I should work on and my coaches will help me. Now I plan to go to the pre-season training, and there the head coaches of Russian team will decide who will be participating in the World Cup and in the Europe championship. Everything will depend on my shape.

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