The coaches summarize the results of women’s competition

Yesterday the women’s competition at the Krasnoyarsk “Football-arena Enisey” finished. The coaches of the teams of different countries are summarizing the results of the athletes’ performances.


Zaur Botaev, senior coach of Russian women’s team:

- Most likely, about the half of the girls who are now on the mat will reach the Olympics. There will definitely appear someone new and young by the time of the Games. Now we look close to everyone, because things might change very quickly. It is absolutely possible to  grow the World champion in 4-5 years. And I mean, since she has started to wrestle, but the moment she has gotten to the adult category. The age of 17-22 years old is the best for this. But actually it depends on how talented the person is. It is quite late to start from 15-17 years old, but the truth is there are lots of those who started at this age among the champions. The understanding of wrestling and the ability to learn fast are the most important things.


Vladislav Sutormin, coach of Kazakhstan women’s team:

- On this tournament we planned to try the young team, because we need a worthy replacement for our leaders. The new Olympic cycle has begun, and I hope to see some of the girls on the Olympics winning medals. We shouldn’t only count on the athletes who have participated in several Olympic Games. We are surely not writing off the experienced athletes, it’s just they might need time to rest after the Games or treat their injuries.


Terry Steiner, head coach of USA women’s team:

- Our team is an experienced one, they are the first and second numbers of our national team. I think, we’ll see some of this girls in the Olympics. But in general, the team composition will change, as four- year time is the long period, anything can happen. Japan has set the high standards and we try to reach that level. The only way to do that is to work and train in Russia.


Sioku Usimura, coach of Japanese women’s team:

- We mostly brought our young athletes to the tournament. There is no tactics, it’s just because the youngest have won on the competitions in Japan. They turned out to be the strongest, so we brought them to Krasnoyarsk. There is no secret of our victories, they based on hard and continuous trainings. I personally train these girls from their  age of 17 and I help them to concentrate on the victory.


Petar Kasabov, senior coach of Bulgarian women’s team:

- I like such major competitions, where we can see a lot of good teams from Japan, USA, Russia. I’m satisfied with the level of our opponents on the Yarygin tournament. To be honest, we thought that our main competitors were the Japanese, but as it turned out all the girls were very strong. We have a mixed team this year – there are young and the experienced athletes. We need to prepare promising young people for them to participate in the future Olympic Games as well. Such competitions are providing a good possibility to see, what the athletes are capable of. 

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