Natalya Yarygina: “I like the actor who plays Ivan”

Фото: Евгений Русских

Фото: Евгений Русских

Yesterday at the “Football-arena Enisey” the opening ceremony of the XXVIII International tournament of free-style wrestling among men and women Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yarygin  was held. Honorable guests, athletes and spectators noted that it was a bright and big show.

The exclusive shots of the film in project “Ivan” were demonstrated on big screens. The film tells us about Ivan Yarygin’s path in Sport and his life. The lead actor is Vlad Demin who also attended the tournament yesterday.

The president of the Interregional Social Cherity fund of assistance to sports development in the name of Ivan Yariguin and vice-president of UWW Natalya Yarygina was satisfied with the ceremony:

- It was so beautiful… Last year ceremony was great and I couldn’t expect this one to be even better, but it was! As for the film, it is still in process, the shooting is still on. I like the actor who plays the leading role, he managed to recreate Ivan’s character.

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