Aleksandr Karelin and Aleksei Shumakov send their postcards from the tournament

On 27th of January on the XXVIII International tournament of free-style wrestling among men and women Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yarygin” which takes place at “Football-arena Enisey” the spectators had a chance to send postcards to any corner of the country with the Russian post.

Now over 300 postcards issued especially for the tournament will be sent to different corners of Russia. The cards were written by fans, athletes, organizers, police officers and honorable guests. For example, the Olympic champion of Greco-Roman wrestling Aleksei  Shumakov and the threefold Olympic champion,Aleksandr Karelin sent their hellos to their friends and relatives.

The Russian Post has to send the cards from the spectators of the tournament to tens of cities. The postcards are addressed to Vladivostok, Moscow, Yakutia, Buryatia and Dagestan e.t.c.

We are reminding that 3 types of cards were developed: with the portrait of Ivan Yariguin, Ivan Yariguin in the fight and with talismans of the international tournament – bears Misha and Masha.

Note that the promo “Postcard from the tournament to any corner of Russia” will be held during all three days of the tournament. The post box and the cards are waiting for everyone willing in the area of Region Museum on the first floor. 

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