Will the Japanese Rei Higuchi and Maiyu Mukaida win new titles?

On the second day of the XXVIII International tournament of free-style wrestling “Ivan Yarygin” which is held in Krasnoyarsk “Football-arena Enisey” men will play the medals in categories of 61, 86 and 125 kg, women – 53, 55, 63 and 75 kg.

Among men of 61 kg category 39 athletes will fight for the awards. Spectators are going to see silver-prize holder of the Olympics in Rio-de-Janeiro, the Japanese Rei Higuchi on the mat. There are many ambitious and experienced wrestlers in this category. Among the potential claimants for participation in the final, we should notice Europe champion-2016 Gadjimurad Rashidov, world champion-2013 Bekhan Goigereev, world champion among students Viktor Rassadin, medalist of the World championship in non-Olympic weight categories Ahmed Chakaev. Also young and talented wrestler from Iran, the winner of the World championship Iman Sadegi. The Krasnoyarsk region representatives Nachin Kuular, Usman Shahgiriev and Baiyar Tsirenov will also have a chance to prove themselves.

There are 21 athletes in the category of 86 kg. The favorite is the champion of Europe Shamil Kudiyamagomedov. There are those who will try to prevent their strong opponents from getting to the final: the World champion among students Mohammad Ebrahimi from Iran, the World Cup holder Muslim Dadaev, the European nations Cup holder Vladislav Valiev. In this weight catgory we are also going to see Aleksandr Zelenkov from Krasnoyarsk, multiple prize holder of International tournaments.

There are 21 wrestlers in heavyweight of 125 kg who claim the place on pedestal. We have a chance to watch the duels with the participation of the champion of Europe Anzor Boltukaev, silver medalist of the Europe championship Alan Hugaev, twofold World champion of beach wrestling Djaber Sadehzade from Iran and Muhamagazi Magomedov from Krasnoyarsk who proved many times that he can surprise. We are also expecting surprises from representatives of Mongolia and China.

The participants among women in category of 53 kg are the World champion-2016 Mayu Mukaida from Japan, silver-prize holder of the World championship-2013, Sumiya Erdenechimeg from Mongolia, her friend by team, bronze-prize holder of the world championships 2013 and 2016 Otgontsetseg Davaasukh. The representative of the Krasnoyarsk region is Tatiyana Novik.

The debutant of the Yarygin tournament is young and talented Aleksandra Nitsenko who is going to wrestle in category of 55 kg. Let’s see how she will show herself in a company of the technical Japanese, Mongolian, Italian and American. Nadezhda Tret’yakova from Russia is definitely planning to confirm her title of the last year, she won golden medal in 2016.

In category of 63 kg we are going to see beautiful wrestling from the participant of the Olympics in Rio, bronze-prize holder of the Europe championship-2016 Inna Trazhukova, the prize holder of the World championships Taybe Yusein, Bulgaria, and also the Mongolian athlete Orhon Purevdorj, who was the first in 7 years to defeat the legendary Japanese Kaori Icho on the last year Yariguin’s tournament.

Alena Starodubtseva, Viktoriya Frolova and Kristina Shumova will try to impress their fans in duels in category of 75 kg. Their opponents are Mongolian athletes and twofold bronze medalist of the world championship Alena Perepelkina.

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