The winners and medalists of the first day say

On the official website of the Yariguin's tournament you can find the videos of all final fights of the first day. And now the winners and medalists are sharing their feelings. 

Zaur Uguev (RUS), 1st place, 57 kg:

- I play in the tournament for the first time. The most difficult fight was in the final. I fought with my opponent three times and lost but now I took a revenge. I managed to win by counterattacks. I haven’t participated in competitions for 2 years, won today – and I don’t know how to explain my feelings. This is incredible, I’m so happy I’m back.

Yui Susaki (JPN), 1st place, 48 kg:

- Today, more than ever, I tried not to give up! I concentrated and won. I came to Russia for the first time this year and I saw  a lot of strong candidates,  so the fight was difficult. 

Aisuluu Tinibekova (KGZ), 1st place, 58 kg:

- I was a silver-prize holder at Krasnoyarsk tournament before, but this year I was well prepared. There were no difficult opponents for me! Probably, the experience played its part. All the competitors are younger than me. I never met my opponent in the final before (Veronika Chumikova – Russia - editor's note), but I wasn’t afraid of her, because I have more experience, so I was very calm when I walked on the mat. I participated in Olympics in Rio-de-Janeiro, where I fought with an Indian athlete and failed. I was so upset… But today I’ve decided to win whatever it takes! 

Kattsuki Sakagami (JPN), 1st place, 60 kg:

- I came to the Yariguin's tournament for the first time. Your football arena  is a very big building, very illuminated, and the opening ceremony was incredible! The last round in the final was difficult, because my opponent was very strong. But Japanese girls take a lot of training and we cannot give up. Thanks to hard trainings I managed to stand up for Japanese athletes.

Yuliya Prontsevich (RUS, Krasnoyarsk region), 2nd place, 60 kg:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t win at this tournament as I did last year. I apologize to everyone who supported me and to coaches. The circumstances were so. In the final I rushed. I reacted to the last strike but not well enough. I will keep working! 

Tamira Mensah (USA), 1st place, 69 kg:

- This is a very serious tournament for me and it is also the first one I win. I train every day. The most difficult opponent for me was the one I fought in the final. Actually, I enjoyed myself so  much, I’m happy I’ve come here. I like how the tournament is organized, every process is tuned, the schedule is intense,   no hitches. On the opening ceremony I was inspired by all the attention you pay to free-style wrestling, you love the sport we’re in so much. I’m overwhelmed with emotions!

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