Five medals in the last day

Krasnoyarsk Region team won five medals at the final day of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix tournament. Our team has won three silver and two bronze medals.

Women. Winners and awardees.

68 kg. 1. Natalia Fedoseeva (Russia) 2. Nasanburmaa Ochirbat (Mongolia) 3. Tatiana Smolyak (Russia)

72 kg. 1. Ksenia Burakova (Russia) 2. Alena Starodubtseva (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region) 3. Davaanasan Erkh Amar (Mongolia)

76 kg. 1. Samar Khamza (Egypt) 2. Ekaterina Bukina (Russia) 3. Kristina Shumova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region)

Alena Starodubtseva won the Yaryginsky tournament back in 2009, but since then she has never been at the highest step of the podium. Nevertheless, the athlete was satisfied with her silver. “The decisive fight was very difficult, I myself did not expect it. Of course, I'm very happy, but it's a shame that I could have won. I am grateful to the Lord God that I am healthy and in general the tournament was successful for me, ”Starodubtseva said.

Champion of the Yarygin Tournament Samar Khamza (Egypt) became the only one wrestler from Africa at this tournament.

“I didn’t have any special difficulties. Of course, I had to take two COVID tests: one in Egypt and another one here in Russia. I love wrestling, this is my passion.

And I do like the way Russian sportsmen wrestle, their technique and power are very inspiring.

How did I manage to win the final fight? I have always been training with the boys, who were strong and fast and it really helped me in this competition,” shared her impressions Khamza.

Men. Winners and awardees.

74 kg. 1. Anzaur Tavaev (Russia). 2. Nikita Suchkov. 3. Ayub Abregov (both - Russia, Krasnoyarsk Region) and Ruslan Bogatyrev (Russia).

86 kg. 1. Magomedsharif Biyakaev. 2. Zelimkhan Minkailov. 3. Tazhitin Akayev and Vladislav Valiev (all - Russia).

92 kg. 1. Guram Chertkoev. 2. Tamerlan Tapsiev. 3. Nurgun Sergin and Zagid Karimov (all - Russia).

97 kg. 1. Magomedkhan Magomedov (Russia). 2. Igor Ovsyannikov (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Region). 3. David Dzhugaev and Shamil Gadzhialiev (both from Russia).

Vice-champion Nikita Suchkov became the winner of the Yarygin tournament for the first time. “I was in the lead, but I got caught on the trick, gave four points, and then something didn't work out. The opponent did more than me. Of course, I'm upset, because I wanted to win at home. Although I got the medal, today, apparently, is not my day, "said Suchkov.

Bronze medalist Ayub Abregov was satisfied with his result. “This is one of the strongest international tournaments and getting into medals is a great honor. On average, I performed well, this is a very good result for me. But next year I plan to improve it, ”Abregov said.

In total, the Krasnoyarsk Region team has ten medals, five silver and five bronze. The winner in the overall standings was the Russian national team (16 gold medals), the second place took the Mongolian team (two golds), and athletes from Belarus and Egypt won one victory each.

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