Silver medal of Khvostovaya and the fight of brothers

The winners and awardees of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix series in three women's (53, 57, 62 kg) and three men's (65, 79, 125 kg) categories have become known. We pay attention to Daria Khvostova, an athlete of the Regional Wrestling Academy, who won one medal.

Women. Winners and awardees.

53 kg. 1. Alexandra Skirenko. 2. Daria Khvostova (both from Russia). 3. Khulan Batkhyyag (Mongolia).

57 kg. 1. Zhargalma Tsyrempilova. 2. Khadizhat Murtuzalieva. 3. Christina Kondratyeva (all - Russia).

62 kg. Anastasia Parokhina. 2. Ulyana Tukurenova. 3. Alina Kazymova (all - Russia).

Daria Khvostova was impressed by the support of her native fans. At the same time, the final result upset her very much. “The whole Krasnoyarsk is supporting me, very strong support at home. It's always easier to fight here than in other cities. But something else was missing ... What exactly, I don’t know yet, ”admitted Daria.

Men. Winners and awardees.

65 kg. 1. Alik Khadartsev. 2. Dasha Sharastepanov. 3. Chayan Mongush and Ramazan Ferzaliev (all - Russia).

79 kg. 1. Akhmed Usmanov. 2. Amanula Gadzhimagomedov (both from Russia). 3. Arsalan Budazhapov (Kyrgyzstan) and Yusup Aydaev (Russia).

125 kg. 1. Zelimkhan Khizriev. 2. Khamzat Khizriev. 3. Ostap Pasenok and Vitaly Goloev (all - Russia).

The winner in the heavyweight category, Zelimkhan Khizriev, explained why he reached the final with his younger brother Khamzat. Earlier there were fears that the fight would not happen. “My father said - we have to go out and fight. All the same, it will not bring any harm. Moreover, at such a tournament in the final, ”said Khizriev Sr.

The final day of the Yarygin tournament will take place tomorrow. Athletes will compete for medals in the weight categories 68, 72, 76 kg (women) and 74, 86, 92 and 97 kg (men).

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