Chasing Snyder and Odikaze. Weight categoties categories up to 74, 86, 92 and 97 kg

Wrestlers in the weight categories up to 74, 86, 92 and 97 kg enter the fight. They will compete for the medals on the final day of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix - 2022. Every weight is interesting in its own way - the results of the draw are reported by WRESTRUS.RU.

The lower part of the tournament table in weight up to 74 kg is especially interesting. The tournament will start with a fight between two-time world champion Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov and strong Nikita Suchkov. The winner will likely face world champion David Baev, who will make his debut in the 74kg weight category. Chermen Valiev is also at the bottom of the tournament grid. Beside the winner of the World and European Championships Timur Bizhoev, there are two Americans - Shields and Nolf, who are very interesting to watch.

European champion Dauren Kurugliev and world championship medalist, European champion Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov are the front-runners of the tournament in the weight category up to 86 kg. Along with Gadzhimagomedov, we pay attention to American Valencia and together with Kurugliev there is Georgian Maisuradze, as well as Arsenali Musalaliyev, Zaur Makiyev and Tazhitin Akayev.

We will not point out anyone in the weight category up to 92 kg – here is a great chance for each participant of the tournament.

Olympic champion from the USA Kyle Snyder and world championship medalist Elizbar Odikadze from Georgia are the favorites in the weight categories up to 97 kg. They may wrestle in the final. We also note Aslanbek Sotiev - he is in the Odikadze unit. In the absence of Abdulrashid Sadulaev and Alikhan Zhabrailov, each wrestler has a chance to prove himself, especially when there are foreign world leaders in the grid.